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Why does reproductive justice matter for Latinas/xs?

Why does reproductive justice matter for Latinas/xs?

Latinas/xs, like all people, do not live single-issue lives. We face structural barriers that serve to undermine our rights and uphold injustices. The reality is, complex systems of oppression in health & government—as well as deeply-held stigma within our own communities—undermine our power and agency. Latinas/xs face persistent barriers to healthcare access. These barriers are rooted in white supremacist ideology, which is racist, misogynist, and homophobic, and is reinforced by government policies, societal institutions, and even our own homes and communities.

The obstacles Latinas/xs face to reproductive justice are deeply connected to our lived realities of institutional discrimination around im/migration status, economic inequity, English language ability, and race. Restricted access and affordability to abortion, contraception, and healthcare lead to poorer health outcomes and limit Latinas/xs’ agency over our own futures.

That’s why at Latina Institute we engage in culture shift work to transform the narratives that misrepresent the Latina/x community and replace them with our stories of strength and power. Our culture shift work is driven by our activist base – our communities are integral to public policy change and to shifting public narratives.