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What is the difference between reproductive health, rights, and justice?

What is reproductive health?

Reproductive health focuses on providing direct services. Reproductive health organizations and advocates are focused on improving and expanding services, research, and access to reproductive health services.

What is reproductive rights?

Reproductive rights focuses on protecting the legal rights to reproductive healthcare services with a focus on keeping abortion legal and increasing access to family planning services. Reproductive rights organizations and advocates focus on the courts, the laws, and advocacy.

How is reproductive justice different?

Reproductive justice is reproductive rights with a social justice lens. Reproductive justice organizations focus on movement building. Reproductive justice organizations see reproductive oppression as the result of the intersections of multiple oppressions, intrinsically connected to the struggle for social justice and human rights. Reproductive justice puts women of color and their communities at the center – supporting their leadership and their power.

Reproductive justice clarifies the ways that women’s decisions are shaped by unequal access to power and resources, by the environment, by economics, and culture. Toni M. Bond Leonard, founding mother of the RJ movement