Community base building

We build an activist base

We are committed to building community power to advance a national activist and community-centered reproductive justice movement. We believe those most impacted are the agents of change; we support and invest in our activist base, the Poderosas, to lead and serve as the reproductive justice movement’s best advocates . The Latina Institute builds supporters across the country and develops leaders in our core four states (FL, NY, TX, and VA). Our efforts have largely focused on in-person leadership development in our four states. To help build a cadre of leaders across the country, we are expanding our organizing efforts by creating a digital organizing arm.

Community Base Building & Leadership development

Latina Institute builds community power by investing in the leadership development and training of our activist base, the Poderosas. They are at the core of all we do. The Poderosa Mountain, the cornerstone of our base building efforts, embodies the path our activists take to step into their power, be it online activism or attending their first community education meeting, to the transformational reproductive justice and political education trainings we offer through our state networks and nationally.

We invest in leadership at all levels. We create a space where community members can learn about our movement histories, uncover their own biases, and build a community of support.

We educate on issues and provide resources to build on the skills of our activists, with trainings on how to organize a rally, public speaking, canvassing, campaigning, lobbying, among others.

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Latina/x Reproductive Justice Solidarity Pledge!

Latina/x Reproductive Justice Solidarity Pledge!

Sign our Latina/x Reproductive Justice Solidarity Pledge! Send a message to elected officials that we are fighting to ensure that all people can exercise autonomy over our bodies and have access to reproductive health.

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Community education & Civic engagement

Latina Institute offers education on key health and policy issues that impact Latinas/xs, their families, and their communities. Our Poderosas lead community meetings and take part in health fairs and events to continually inform our communities.

They host social gatherings and outreach events to raise awareness about the barriers to reproductive health Latinas/xs face.

We also carry out issue-based organizing and civic engagement efforts year-round.

Our Poderosas canvass their neighborhoods to learn more about theirs, engage them in our work, and motivate Latina/x voters to engage at the ballot box to achieve equal access to reproductive health for our communities.

We create opportunities for Poderosas – regardless of their im/migration status, ability to vote, or what language they speak – to take part in our democracy by informing the community about important issues and influencing public policy through calls and visits to their legislators.

We answer your tough questions.

Take Action Nationally Now

Election Center

Election Center

Voting is a tool we can use to advance the agenda of the reproductive justice movement. While it may feel like a small expression, our community has power and when united in unleashing that power, there is no force that can stop us.

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