Virginia- Reflecting on March: Advocacy and Action

As March comes to a close, the Virginia team at the Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice reflects on a month marked by significant legislative strides, impactful community engagement, and empowering activism. Here’s a recap of our endeavors and the inspiring individuals who continue to drive our mission forward.

Legislative Triumphs and Challenges:

The culmination of the 2024 General Assembly Session brought both celebration and challenges. SB238, the Contraception Equity Act, represented a monumental victory for our organization. This legislation aimed to break down barriers to access by ensuring equitable and affordable contraception for all Virginians. With bipartisan support, the bill passed both the House of Delegates and Senate, signaling a significant step towards reproductive justice. However, Governor Youngkin’s addition of a religious and ethical amendment to the bill was a setback, prompting our team to respond swiftly and resolutely.

Community Engagement and Empowerment:

Our March Cafecito, themed around “Protesting with Our Dollars,” resonated deeply within our community. Poderose Alex’s informative presentation on divestment and mutual aid sparked important conversations about supporting our communities through intentional financial choices. Their dedication to positive change exemplifies the spirit of activism we strive to foster.

Activism in Action:

Throughout March, our team remained actively engaged in advocacy efforts both locally and nationally. Members Alyssa and Gabby joined activists and Executive Director Lupe Rodriguez at the Mife March in DC, amplifying our collective voice in the fight for reproductive rights. Additionally, Gabby and Khenia’s meetings with Senator Tim Kaine and Delegate Irene Shin underscored our commitment to advancing reproductive freedom legislation at all levels of government.

The VA team attended a panel on women's health in Virginia hosted by Tim Kaine, where they also got to connect with Delegate Irene Shin

Gabby and Khenia's meetings with Delegate Irene Shin

Gabby and Khenia's meetings with Senator Tim Kaine



Uplifting Activists:

In our efforts to uplift and recognize those making a difference, we spotlight Poderose Alex (he/they) for their impactful contribution to our March Cafecito. Their dedication to community empowerment serves as an inspiration to us all, reflecting the values at the heart of our organization.

Poderose Alex (he/they)

Looking Ahead:

As we move forward into April, our focus remains steadfast on advocating for reproductive justice. On April 24, we turn our attention to the Supreme Court as it hears a crucial case on Idaho’s abortion ban and its implications for emergency medical care. Our team, alongside Executive Director Lupe, will be present to lend our voices to this pivotal moment in the fight for reproductive rights.

In closing, March has been a month of resilience, progress, and unwavering dedication to our mission. As we continue our work, we draw strength from the collective efforts of activists, allies, and community members who stand with us in the pursuit of reproductive justice for all. Together, we will persist, advocate, and create meaningful change.

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