Latina Institute NY Updates: Advancing Reproductive Justice

A Milestone for Reproductive Rights

On April 23rd, the Reproductive Freedom and Equity Fund was successfully adopted into the New York State Budget. This is a monumental win for reproductive justice, as the fund will provide recurring support to abortion providers and individuals seeking care in the state. This initiative is particularly significant for Latinas, ensuring they receive the essential healthcare they need and deserve.

Celebrating Black Maternal Health Week- photo

In commemoration of Black Maternal Health Week, our NY Leadership Circle Members hosted an insightful workshop focused on the critical role of Black Doulas in preserving Black maternal health. Esteemed Doulas Jaz, Blaine, Luna, and MPH Juliana led the discussion, shedding light on the health disparities faced by Black mothers and the ongoing efforts to combat these issues. Their expertise and dedication are vital in addressing and improving Black maternal health outcomes.

Spotlight on LAS BORINQUENAS- photo

In April, our communications team received a special invitation from Ensemble Theatre in NYC to moderate a panel for the limited showing of the play LAS BORINQUENAS. This powerful play is based on the true story of Puerto Rican women who were sterilized and subjected to experimentation during the development of the birth control pill. NY staff members Elizabeth and Alia moderated two panels, engaging with experts and artists to discuss the play’s themes and highlight the critical work Latina Institute is doing to fight for reproductive justice in New York.

Upcoming Events

Public Speaking Training

If you’re looking to improve or develop your public speaking skills, we have the perfect opportunity for you! Apply for our New York Public Speaking Training here: NY Public Speaking Training.

Queens Pride March

Join us on June 2nd for the Queens Pride March! Show your support and march with us by signing up here: Queens Pride NY.

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We are committed to championing reproductive justice and health equity for all. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in our ongoing efforts to make a difference in our communities. Together, we can create a more just and equitable world.

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