March TX Feature Friday

As we make our way into March and bid farewell to February, let’s take a moment to celebrate the remarkable events and achievements that have unfolded from our Texas team. From powerful protests to empowering workshops, here are some highlights from the past month:

February 3: Amplifying Voices through Literature

The Poderosas/xs of the RGV were honored to participate in the Feminist Book Club hosted by Planned Parenthood of South Texas. At the event, they shared their experiences of resilience and empowerment. They were inspired by the stories of Lucha como Poderosas from the Latina Institute Texas. Together, they affirmed their commitment to collective strength and solidarity.

February 22: Standing Against Injustice

On this day, a coalition of passionate individuals united in protest against the SB4 law, organized by our allies at FTOP. With unwavering determination, they raised their voices for health, dignity, and justice, refusing to relent until the rights of all Texas families are respected.

February 26: Empowering Communities

The Poderosas en Acción team conducted a transformative “Body Autonomy” workshop, equipping community members with the knowledge and agency to make informed decisions about their bodies and futures. Through education and empowerment, they pave the way for greater autonomy and self-determination.

February 29: Advocating for Change

LUPE and partner organizations gathered to demand President Biden’s attention during his visit to Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport. They emphasized the importance of dialogue with impacted communities, rejecting militarization in favor of health, dignity, and justice for all Texas families.

Spotlight on Activist: Mayra 

In 2013, Mayra  discovered the power of advocacy when she attended a community meeting hosted by the Latina Institute Texas. Since then, she has been a tireless advocate for reproductive rights and the empowerment of her community. Mayra’s dedication has inspired not only her family but also countless others to join the fight for health, dignity, and justice in Texas.

As we look ahead to the coming months, let’s continue to stand in solidarity, uplift voices, and work towards a future where all Texans thrive.

Upcoming Events:

The next opportunity to take action will be on March 28 at 4:30 via zoom.

Stay tuned for upcoming events where we’ll continue our advocacy and empowerment efforts.

Details will be shared soon!

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