What’s happening in Florida in February?

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On February 7th , the oral arguments began for the Florida Supreme Court case concerning the state’s abortion ban. Starting now, the Supreme Court can make their ruling and 30 days later the new 6 week ban would come into effect.

In poll after poll, Floridians overwhelmingly support abortion access and oppose abortion bans like the one currently in state law. In fact, 64% of Floridians say that abortion should be legal in most or all circumstances.

Yet, the Court could still disregard the needs, health, and well-being of Floridians to follow their own agendas. But for now, we’ll have to painstakingly wait and see.

But this case is far from all that’s happening to attack our reproductive rights here in Florida. Take a look at just some of the unbelievable anti-abortion bills getting introduced in the Florida House and/or Senate:

THIS is what’s coming for the people of Florida.

These bills are even more examples of Florida politicians interfering in decisions about our bodies and our futures. Throughout a pregnancy, a person’s health — and only their own health — should guide important medical decisions.

We will not stand by as anti-abortion politicians and judges push their extreme political agenda and take away our freedoms. That’s why we are trying to take things back into our own hands with ballot initiatives to counter some of these awful anti-abortion initiatives.

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