Mifepristone Rally on SCOTUS steps

We have had enough of these attacks on our freedoms.

Our Executive Director, Lupe Rodríguez, joined advocated on the steps of SCOTUS this morning to share remarks and rally together while oral arguments around the SCOTUS Mifepristone case began. In her remarks this morning Lupe proudly advocates for health, dignity, and justice for all members of Latina/x communities across the United States.

Medication abortion is time-sensitive, essential health care, and there should not be ANY medically unnecessary barriers or restrictions to access it.

She emphasizes the urgent need to maintain accessibility to mifepristone, highlighting medication abortion as essential healthcare that should be free from unnecessary barriers. Lupe acknowledges the disproportionate impact of restrictive abortion laws on communities of color, exacerbated by recent Supreme Court decisions. She warns of further threats to abortion rights and expresses solidarity with those affected by confusion and fear surrounding healthcare access. Rejecting ongoing attacks on reproductive freedoms, she asserts the resilience of Latino/x communities in resisting such efforts. Finally, she concludes her message in Spanish, underscoring the essential role of Latina voices in the fight for reproductive justice and affirming the rights of all to health, dignity, and justice.

While anti-abortion politicians and judges are rushing to ban abortion access, Latinos/xs around the country are fired up and fighting back on efforts to take away our freedom to make our own decisions about our bodies and our lives.  Rest assured, we will never let them win!
Lupe pictured with colleagues from NAPAWF and In Our Own Voice, together we make up Intersections of Our Lives
¡Aquí respiramos lucha!

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