What We Do

What We Do

At the Latina Institute, we amplify Latina/x voices to change the narratives that seek to tear down the inherent power that resides in our communities. We center Latinas/xs in order to transform the systems that influence our ability to fully make decisions about our bodies and our lives. We do this by building our activist base, shaping policy at the local and national levels, and shifting culture to dismantle the derogatory myths about our communities in order to help fuel a larger reproductive justice movement. 

Community base building:  Movement building begins in our neighborhoods.

  • We are building a base of Latina/x activists leading the fight for reproductive justice across the country.  

  • To date, the Latina Institute has built state-based networks of activists in Florida, New York, Texas, and Virginia to carry out our mission. 

  • Our activists organize movements for reproductive justice at the community level. They ensure that the Latina Institute shapes policy solutions that are informed by their lived realities. 

  • Leadership development is central to our work; we create transformational spaces to support leaders as they build their individual power. 

Policy advocacy:  Shaping policy by advocating at the local, state, and national levels builds lasting power.

  • We support policies that improve the reproductive health and well-being of our people.  

  • Our activists share insights from Latina/x communities on the ground to shape our policy agendas. 

  • We carry out civic and voter engagement across the country so that more Latinas/xs play an active role in a democracy that has historically excluded our voices.  

  • We educate communities with up-to-date information about key issues so that Latinas/xs can make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

Culture shift:  Storytelling transforms narratives and changes how people in power understand reproductive justice.

  • We give our activists tools to tell our stories authentically to dispel misrepresentations of Latina/x communities. 

  • We change hearts and minds on issues that affect our reproductive health to ensure policies reflect our lived realities. 

  • We develop awareness campaigns to shift the national discourse around abortion, im/migration, and reproductive health. 

  • We conduct opinion research among Latina/x communities on controversial topics like abortion, and we use this research to shift narratives about our community and hold those in power accountable to our needs.