What We Do


Reproductive justice is not possible without LGBTQ liberation.


Reproductive justice is not possible without LGBTQ liberation. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Latin@s have played an integral role in movements for reproductive justice and sexual liberation for as long as these movements have existed. 

Why it Matters for Latin@s

The specific healthcare needs of LGBTQ Latin@s – and more specifically the reproductive health issues of direct concern to LGBTQ Latin@s – have rarely been a focus of either LGBTQ or reproductive rights advocacy. While the concerns of LGBTQ Latin@s often mirror those of the LGBTQ population at large, a specific set of reproductive rights issues do arise for LGBTQ Latin@s in the areas of reproductive health, immigrants’ rights, and access to public benefits.

How We Fight for Justice

There are many opportunities for reproductive justice advocates to work with LGBTQ groups to ensure access to quality and affordable healthcare and to uphold the human rights of every person. NLIRH works to ensure quality, affordable healthcare for LGBTQ people including abortion access and regardless of immigration status or income. NLIRH also works to dismantle systems that discriminate against LGBTQ people and deny these communities justice.