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June 24, 2024, is the two-year anniversary of a devastating blow to reproductive rights and a landmark decision that has disproportionately impacted the Latine community and communities of color.

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The infamous Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision overturned Roe and was a blatant attack on our bodily autonomy and access to safe abortions.

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Where do we go from here?

Together, we are:

1. Empowering Latine Voices: providing a platform for our community to share their stories and experiences, ensuring their voices are heard in the fight for reproductive justice.

2. Expanding Access to Care: working tirelessly to eliminate barriers and ensure everyone can access comprehensive reproductive healthcare regardless of their background or circumstances.

3. Shaping Policy: fighting for legislation that upholds the rights of the Latine community and safeguards their reproductive choices.

The Real Impact of the Dobbs v. Jackson Decision

Two years ago, the US Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade with the disastrous Dobbs decision, a landmark ruling that has reverberated and been felt deeply across the nation.

The ruling obliterated and continues to pose a serious threat to laws that have safeguarded women’s access to safe and legal abortion for nearly half a century. Now, more than ever, we must rally together to protect the reproductive rights that countless Poderosas before us fought tirelessly to secure.

In just two years, our communities have experienced the consequences…

  • Nearly 6.7 million Latinas – 43 percent of all Latinas ages 15-49 – live in the 26 states that have banned or are likely to ban abortion. They represent the largest group of women of color impacted by current or likely state bans.
  • Nearly half of all Latinas who live in these 26 states are already mothers, including 852,800 mothers of children under the age of three.
  • Nearly 3 million Latinas living in these states are economically insecure. Women with low incomes are especially impacted by state bans as they are more likely to lack access to the necessary funds to travel to other states for abortion care.
  • More than 1 million Latinas who live in states that have or are likely to ban abortions report not speaking English at all or not speaking it well. This language barrier creates substantial challenges to accessing and receiving culturally competent abortion care.
  • Latinas of all racial groups are impacted by the Dobbs ruling, including 108,900 Black Latinas; 75,300 Native Latinas; 20,500 Asian American and Pacific Islander Latinas; 1.3 million Latinas who identify as another race; and 1.5 million multiracial Latinas

Click here to read the full Dobbs Decision Impact Report developed in partnership with the National Partnership for Women & Families. 

Share Your Story

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we are collecting stories from reproductive justice allies like you. Our community is stronger when we uplift each other’s voices.

Share your story and tell us: How does equitable healthcare uplift the Latina/x community?

How we are taking action:

Our staff and Poderosas have been fighting relentlessly for reproductive freedom in the two years since the Dobbs decision. Here’s a snapshot of key legislation in three program states and how our state teams are taking action:

  • This spring, the Florida Supreme Court allowed a devastating abortion ban to take effect. Thankfully, the Court allowed Amendment 4, the ballot measure to amend Florida’s constitution to protect abortion access, to be on the ballot in the November election.
  • In mid-April, the Florida team rallied in Orlando to protect abortion access in support of the Yes on 4 campaign.
  • The Texas team supports expanding abortion access through Rosie’s Law. Named after Rosie Jiménez, the first victim of the Hyde Amendment, it would expand insurance coverage to include abortion for low-income Texans enrolled with Medicaid.
  • In March, thirty Poderosas from Houston and the RGV marched towards the Capitol in Austin, TX, to support human rights and protest Texas Senate Bill 4, an anti-immigrant law.
  • We are working in partnership with the Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance (VERA) to support a constitutional amendment protecting abortion access. Providing education to the public is crucial for our success.
  • The passage of SB238, the Contraception Equity Act, was a monumental win for reproductive justice in Virginia. Governor Youngkin’s addition of a religious and ethical amendment underscores why we must continue to fight for reproductive justice.
  • Earlier this year, our team, including VA State Field Organizer Alyssa and VA State Policy Advocate Gabriella, stood for healthcare equity at SCOTUS during the EMTALA Rally with our Executive Director, Lupe M. Rodríguez.
Executive Director, Lupe M. Rodríguez, took a stand outside the United States Supreme Court at the EMTALA rally in April 2024, speaking out against states denying pregnant people the emergency abortion care they urgently need.