The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health turns 15!

An organization that is near and dear to my heart, the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, is turning 15 this year! In honor of this milestone, they’re throwing a Quinceañera, a fifteenth anniversary celebration that is a Latino tradition for young girls. It’ll be a fun twist on this traditional ceremony.

NLIRH was my first job out of college. It was a kind of a college-student-gets-dream-job situation. I like to think it was fate actually, but I had learned about NLIRH at the March for Women’s Lives in Washington, DC and was so psyched to see an organization that brought together two things I cared about deeply: the Latino community and reproductive rights. I was beyond excited when they offered me a job as an organizer there. The staff and activists affiliated with NLIRH taught me about reproductive justice, taught me how to be an organizer, how to work in immigrant communities, how to work in an office.
I feel so grateful that my first experience in the non-profit world was an organization staffed and run by young Latina women. I have always felt supported and nurtured by the organization and it’s values. I still work for them now, three years later, but in a more limited (and not full-time) capacity as their E-Communications Manager. I’m excited to be able to celebrate NLIRH’s Quince at the fantastic event they are putting on in a few weeks.
There will be amazing food, Latin music, and awards presented to some amazing activists and leaders in the Latino community. It’s on October 7th in Washington DC at the Museum of Women in the Arts. It’s a fundraiser, so tickets aren’t cheap–but trust me when I say it’s a seriously worthy organization. If you’re interested in attending (or supporting the organization with a donation), the details are here.

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