The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health Condemns the Administration’s Attempt to Weaken Anti-Discrimination Protections

Today, the Trump-Pence Administration weakened protections under Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that banned discrimination in healthcare and insurance coverage based on gender identity and pregnancy.

Nina Esperanza Serrianne, policy analyst at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, made the following statement about the decision:

“Once again, the Trump administration has shown its total disregard for the dignity of Latinx communities who already face many barriers to consistent, quality healthcare.

Residents of rural areas like the Rio Grande Valley can travel 30 to 50 miles through checkpoints to go to an OB/GYN. Latinx patients are often misunderstood or mistreated simply because of their English language proficiency, gender identity or other factors. One in three Latinx LGBTQ patients have reported unequal treatment by doctors and healthcare workers.

Heavy handed profiling of Latinx individuals has also had a chilling effect on our communities. Many Latinx are afraid to go to a doctor or hospital out of fear that they or their family members will be questioned about their immigration status.

The decision to weaken these protections endangers the progress we have made to ensure everyone can access healthcare.”

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