Statement from Lupe M. Rodríguez, Executive Director, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, on AHM v. FDA Supreme Court Decision

While we are relieved that the Supreme Court saw through the politics and lies about mifepristone, an incredibly safe and effective FDA-approved medication used in medication abortion care, this case should never have made it this far. We know that these attacks on abortion care will only continue as part of an agenda to ban abortion nationwide, and the impact will fall hardest on Latinas/xs. These legal challenges do incredible damage in our communities; causing confusion, fear, and uncertainty about abortion care, which makes it easier for misinformation to spread and deters people from getting the care they need. The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice will continue to build power in Latino/x communities across the country so that everyone has access to healthcare they need, including all abortion care. We will not stop until we create a country with true reproductive freedom for all.

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