Poll: Texas Latinos support choice when it comes to abortion

This article was originally posted on the Valley Morning Star.

Results of a recent survey commissioned by a women’s reproductive health advocacy group found that many Latinos vote in line with Democratic pro-choice policies — not religious doctrine that bans abortions.

The poll, commissioned by the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, found that 60 percent of Latinos in Texas said abortion should be legal regardless of whether church leaders take a stand against it. And 78 percent of respondents said a woman has the right to make her own personal decisions about abortions without politicians interfering.

“Just because a Latino person identifies as religious does not mean they blindly follow positions of church leaders when it comes to the law,” said Kimberly Inez McGuire, the institute’s director of public affairs, adding that many may be pro-life personally but want choice to remain under state law. “Regardless of personal views, many Latinos said they would not want to make that decision for someone else.”

Pro-life supporters dismissed the poll’s validity, saying it was commissioned by pro-choice advocates.

“It’s an interest group that supports abortion. They are definitely using selective terminology; you’ll notice unborn child rights aren’t ever talked about in there,” said Emily Horne, legislative assistant for the Texas Right to Life group.

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