Planned Parenthood on Trial: Latinos and the Debate Over Reproductive Rights

Maria Hinojosa, Host and Managing Editor of NPR’s Latino USA, interviewed NLIRH Executive Director Silvia Henriquez and the Executive Director of The Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles regarding the proposed budget cuts to essential family planning programs. 

The Republican controlled House passed a bill that will eliminate all federal funding for family planning under the Title X program. The legislation specifically targets funding going to Planned Parenthood, which conservative lawmakers have attacked for its abortion services and advocacy of women’s reproductive rights. Within the Latino community, health advocates argue that this is a direct attack on access to health care for Latina women, while pro-life advocates say Planned Parenthood is promoting abortion among Latinos and other communities of color.

We host a discussion on the proposed cuts with Silvia Henriquez, Executive Director of the National Latina Institute of Reproductive Health and Alfonso Aguilar, Executive Director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles.

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