NLIRH: “It is time for Congress to Defend Dreamers”

New York, NY — This week, a federal district court in New York granted Dreamers a nationwide preliminary injunction to block the Trump administration from eliminating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This court order allows Dreamers to renew their DACA status on the terms that were in effect before the administration announced the program’s dismantling. However, it does not allow new applicants to apply for DACA protections. This court ruling is the second to determine that the administration’s elimination of DACA was unlawful. Elizabeth Estrada, New York Field and Advocacy Manager, issued the following statement:

“Eliminating DACA was Trump’s continued attempt to target and threaten immigrant families in order to appease white supremacists inside his administration. However, this second court order is further proof that the administration’s decision to end DACA was not only cruel and inhumane, but it was also unlawful. Every human being, regardless of immigration status, has the right to live without fear of persecution, detainment, and deportation. DACA provides about 800,000 immigrant youth work authorization and relief from deportation, and can allow access to essential and critical healthcare. The six New York Dreamers who defended their rights and brought this case in front of a federal judge were immensely courageous. Now it is time for Congress to show the same bravery. We demand both Republicans and Democrats to pass a clean Dream Act that protects undocumented young people from deportation. NLIRH applauds the New York federal district court’s decision as the Senate begins debates on legislation that allows Dreamers to live their lives without fear. We will keep fighting for permanent legislative solutions that will allow all immigrants to live healthy lives and thrive.”

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