National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health Responds to Conviction of Scott Roeder in the Murder of Dr. George Tiller

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health issued the following statement in response to the jury conviction of Scott Roeder for the murder of Dr. George Tiller.  Mr. Roeder was found guilty of first-degree murder.
“Today, after just minutes of deliberation,  a jury of Mr. Roeder’s peers rightfully found him guilty of murdering Dr. George Tiller. For years, extreme members of the anti-choice community have used threats of violence against reproductive health care clinics in an attempt to limit women’s legal reproductive rights. Today’s decision is an affirmation that abortion providers have the support of the justice system.
“Dr. Tiller was a faithful champion for women’s reproductive health in spite of the threats and constant intimidation he and his family faced. He recognized that women facing difficult health decisions need comfort and care, and placed the health and well-being of his patients above his own personal safety concerns. It is fitting that Dr. Tiller often wore a ‘Trust Women’ button.
“Our thoughts are with his family as they continue to mourn their loss. We are also hopeful that the conclusion of this trial will aid his congregation, which endured this violent murder in their sanctuary, as they continue their healing process.”

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