Judge Sonia Sotomayor nominated to become nation’s first Latina justice

Today President Barack Obama announced the nomination of federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court. If confirmed, Sotomayor would become the first Hispanic woman to serve on the nation’s highest court.
The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH), the nation’s leading voice for Latina reproductive health, issued the following statement:
“We are delighted with Judge Sotomayor’s nomination. We’re hopeful her extensive judicial experience and record as a defender of civil and economic justice translate into robust leadership on issues of reproductive justice,” said Silvia Henriquez, NLIRH Executive Director. “President Obama has shown a clear interest in having a Supreme Court that truly reflects its constituents. Judge Sotomayor’s experience as a woman of color will enable her to understand Latinas’ most pressing priorities, including the many barriers they face to access quality health care.”
At 46 million, Latinos are the nation’s largest and fastest growing minority group. Nine million Latinos voted in the 2008 Presidential Election.
“The appointment of Judge Sotomayor reflects the growing diversity of our nation and the political power of the Latino community,” said Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, NLIRH Deputy Director. “We look forward to having our activists engage in the judicial nomination process and learning more about the nominee’s impressive experience and commitment to women’s health and rights.”

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