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Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice Virginia is part of National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, serving to amplify the Latina/x voice, organizing, and advocacy presence in Virginia. Latina Institute Virginia was established after a Latinas Organizing for Leadership and Advocacy training held in Virginia in 2012.

We work with activists and leaders throughout Virginia to inform, organize, and mobilize our communities on reproductive justice issues that impact our families and our lives.

We fight to continue to change Virginia at the structural level, while helping our activists transform at the personal level. At the Latina Institute Virginia, our goal is simple – to amplify the voices of Latinas/xs so that they can continue to lead in creating a Virginia with true reproductive justice for all.

Since 2012, we have worked to increase Latina/x visibility in the reproductive justice movement, cultivated well-informed leaders to strengthen our state and national reproductive justice work, and built networks of activists in Virginia to inform our policy agenda.

Key Issues for Virginia

Constitutional Amendment for Reproductive Freedom

With access to abortion care banned or restricted in huge swaths of the country, we cannot allow Virginia to be next. The Constitutional Amendment (CA) would establish the fundamental right to reproductive freedom, including abortion care, without interference; and the right to make decisions about all matters related to pregnancy without discrimination. As we await the outcomes of pending legal decisions in the federal court and in other states, Latina Institute Virginia will continue to work collaboratively with partners and legislators to ensure the successful passage of a robust and sustainable CA. Stay tuned for more information on the CA and ways to get involved with the legislative process! 

Contraceptive Equity Act

Access to contraception is a basic right, and an essential part of sexual and reproductive healthcare. However, for many, transportation, time, and cost pose significant barriers to accessing care — and particularly for young, low-income, and Latina/x populations. This bill would require health insurance carriers to provide coverage for any prescribed contraceptive drug or device; and it would eliminate cost barriers such as co-pays, cost-sharing, reimbursement requirements, and coverage delays. This much-needed effort would mean that more people across the state, including Latinas/xs and other communities of color, would be able to access and afford the care they need.

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