Building Power to Continue the Fight!



Your gift is not just a donation; it’s an investment in powerful community organizing that is needed now more than ever. With our growing network of brave and resilient Poderosas and unwavering support from individuals like you, we have turned enormous challenges into fuel for our collective fight for reproductive justice.


  • Empowering Latinax/ Voices: As 26 states banned access to abortion and more seeking to ban abortion, we grew our community to over 24,000 supporters, Poderosas, and partners in key states across the country. Our Poderosas rapidly deepened their engagement, amplified their abilities, and became more involved than ever before. We have increased efforts to recruit and educate new Poderosas in new cities and within new communities.
  • Expanding Access to Care: Through in-person and virtual advocacy efforts, trainings and community events, we spread the word and inspired support for the HEAL for Immigrant Families Act. If passed, this legislation will remove layers of harmful and discriminatory barriers that have been in place for decades, keeping im/migrants from accessing affordable, quality healthcare including reproductive care. In September our Texas-based Poderosas held a powerful community event called Nuestro Texas, Nuestro Poder/Our Texas, Our Power!
  • Building Momentum for the Global Reproductive Justice Movement:  the Green Wave Movement / La Marea Verde is a global abortion rights movement that originated in Argentina and is now recognized worldwide. We are proud to be bringing the Green Wave Movement into the United States through our digital advocacy and on-the-ground efforts. The Latina Institute Virginia team even placed billboards across the state and received an outpouring of support!
  • Strengthening Community and Shaping Policy: In 2023, Latina Institute hosted over 20 in-person and virtual activations, trainings, and community-building events to further strengthen our community and provide ample resources for advocacy. We continually establish partnerships with community and political leaders and fellow reproductive justice, rights and health organizations.