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Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice Florida

The Latina Institute Florida is part of National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, serving to amplify the Latina/x voice, organizing, and advocacy presence in Florida.

We work with activists and leaders throughout South Florida to inform, organize, and mobilize our communities on reproductive justice issues that impact our families and our lives.

The Florida Latina/x community is diverse and faces unique challenges that influence our decisions around healthcare. At the Latina Institute Florida, our goal is simple – to develop and work with activists and leaders throughout South Florida to ensure Latinas/xs are informed and able to make their own decisions about their reproductive health.

Our vision is to co-create a society where Latinas/xs are thriving and free to activate our power to make decisions about our health, sexuality, and families.

Disproportionate Effects of COVID-19

We know that our communities, which already face greater barriers to healthcare access, are disproportionally affected by COVID-19. Many Latinas/xs are on the frontlines of this pandemic as essential workers, and yet they are more likely to work jobs that don’t provide health insurance, paid sick leave, or a fair wage.

It is increasingly clear that all families need access to essential healthcare, not more economic barriers, or obstacles due to their im/migration status. Our elected officials must develop policy solutions that ensure that all of us —including im/migrants —have access to healthcare as we move forward to build a more equitable safety net for all Floridians.

In absence of legislative solutions, many Floridians, including our activists and leaders, are engaged in local mutual-aid networks to ensure our communities get information and access to resources during this pandemic.

Add Your Voice

Join us in raising our voices for health, dignity, and justice as we organize to continue building our base of Latina/x leaders in Florida, shift the narratives that have harmed our communities, and work to advance:

  • Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare 
  • Im/migrant Access to Reproductive Healthcare

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Background of the Latina Institute Florida

Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice Florida was established after a Latinas Organizing for Leadership and Advocacy training held in Miami in 2007. Through community mobilizing, leadership development, and civic engagement strategies, the Latina Institute Florida is building a large base of Latinas/xs who use a reproductive justice lens to organize their communities for change.

Since 2007, we have worked to increase Latina/x visibility in the reproductive justice movement, cultivated well-informed leaders to strengthen our state and national reproductive justice work, and built networks of activists in South Florida to inform our policy agenda.

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