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Since 2016, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice (Latina Institute), National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF), and In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda (In Our Own Voice), three women-of-color led national Reproductive Justice organizations with both D.C. and statewide presence, have intentionally collaborated with one another on a number of policy and issue actions.

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On May 9th, Intersections of Our Lives released new polling data that demonstrates how the views of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI), Black, and Latina/x women voters on critical issues often align. The poll found that Reproductive Justice issues – such as securing good-paying jobs, accessing affordable healthcare including abortion and birth control, improving maternal health outcomes, lowering the cost of housing, and addressing rising costs and prices – are top of mind for these voters who could decide elections.

Conducted by Lake Research Partners and HIT Strategies, the poll clearly showed that women of color are high potential voters whose voting choices are driven by how policies impact their lives, a need for change, and their values. Women of color want to hear and see their experiences and issues addressed by policymakers.Overwhelmingly, they feel that policymakers and politicians are not prioritizing the issues that impact their daily lives. Notably, half of women of color see voting as extremely effective in creating the change they want, underscoring that the experiences and priorities of women of color are not showing up in political or policy discussions.

  • 73% A strong majority (73%) of Latina/x women overall support abortion rights. While there is some variation in views on abortion across ethnicities, the majority supports abortion rights overall
  • 64% of Latina/x women see voting as extremely important

WOC are a powerful voting group. Majorities of women of color say they are very motivated to vote. Voter motivation in this election cycle has been low across the entire electorate. Women of color voters show high potential to break this trend and vote in higher numbers if they see policymakers and politicians speak to and address the issues they care about. The majority see voting as very effective in creating the change they want, underscoring that the experiences and priorities of WOC are not showing up in political or policy discussions.

  • 79% of Latina/x women say that racism has gone on for too long in America and that it’s time for a leader who will create systems of racial justice that are long overdue.
  • 74% identified both women of color maternal mortality and abortion legality, affordability, and access as extremely or very important.


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