FAQs about the Rebrand

FAQs about the Rebrand

Q: Why the new name? 

A: Moving from Health to Justice was important for the Latina Institute because our mission and values have always been rooted in justice for our communities, not direct services. Our allies working to provide comprehensive access to health services are critical to our movement, and it was time to clearly delineate the Latina Institute’s strength and role in the reproductive justice movement.  

Q: Why change the logo’s look? 

A: The Latina Institute is changing its look to reinforce what drives us: our commitment to build power in Latina/x communities and center on our work on those most impacted. Our new megaphones graphic reflects our multigenerational, intersectional approach as we help amplify the voices within our communities.  

Q: How does the new look mean you’ve changed your mission? 

A: No. While our look has changed, our mission hasn’t: we are building power in Latina/x communities across the country. As National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, our name is now simply better aligned with our work and identity as a reproductive justice organization.  

Q: How does the new look and new name change your work? 

A: It doesn’t. The Latina Institute has fought for access and affordability to reproductive health for Latina/x communities for 25 years. As National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, we continue that fight with our intersectional approach that is focused on building our activist base, shaping policy at the local and national level, and shifting culture to dismantle derogatory myths about our communities.  

Q: What happens to the state-based Latina Advocacy Networks (LANs)? 

A: Our state activist networks in Florida, New York, Texas, and Virginia continue to be the heart of our work. In this effort to fully align the organization and make us stronger, the states will share in our new look and logo. They will simply shift their names to support that alignment from “LANs” to the Latina Institute Florida, the Latina Institute New York, the Latina Institute Texas and the Latina Institute Virginia and continue their vital work to make sure our communities continue to be informed and equipped to step into their innate power to best serve their communities, their families, and themselves in ways that allow them to thrive.