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Culture Shift


The Latina Institute engages in culture shift work to transform the narratives that misrepresent the Latina/x community and replace them with our stories of strength and power. Our culture shift work is driven by our activist base – our communities are integral to public policy change and to shifting public narratives.  

As National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, we continue the work we’ve been doing for decades: changing hearts and minds and dismantling the myths about our community. 

In 2013, we launched the “Yo Te Apoyo. I Support You” campaign to combat the perception of stigma around abortion care in Latina/x communities. Driven by our research, Yo Te Apoyo brings a values-based frame to abortion in our community. It demonstrates the nuance we see in our communities, that regardless of your personal opinion about abortion, the Latina/x community would support a loved one in their decision. This video series reflects the various ways that individuals show up for their loved ones.  

Opinion Research 

Since 2012, the Latina Institute has invested in exploring Latino/a voters’ views and experiences toward abortion and reproductive healthcare access. For us, this polling research is an important component of understanding and depicting an accurate representation of the realities that our families and communities face on a daily basis.  

We know that despite certain media narratives that paint our community as conservative, the truth is the majority in our community understand and empathize with Latinas/xs' decision making. Our most recent poll focused on contraception and abortion care found that almost 90 percent of Latino/a voters would support a loved one who decided to have an abortion.  

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