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This Mother’s Day, the National Coalition for Immigrant Women’s Rights is writing to ask you to join with us in honoring immigrant women and mothers. This year we have partnered in a Mother's Day promotional effort with the Strong Families campaign, which seeks to expand our nation's preconceptions about the definition of family. We hope you will be able to be a leader in this effort.

The voices of women immigrants are often missing from the public debates about these issues. We invite you to publicize principles on your website, prioritize these critical issues in your organizational work and communications. And in your regular communications with organizational supporters (e-newsletters, Facebook, twitter, etc.) you can include information about the important intersection of women’s rights and immigrant rights.

Here are a few simple activities to help us promote the voices of

immigrant mothers on Mother’s Day:

Tweet: "Happy Mama's Day! Take a stand with immigrant mothers!" #StandWithImmigrantMothers

Change your Facebook Status to: "Happy Mama's Day - I stand with immigrant mothers!" and change your profile picture to:


Lift the voices of Mothers through story gathering!  To combat the myths and stereotypes perpetuated by opponents of immigration, we gathering the stories and personal experiences of immigrant women. Send us your stories.

Engage friends and colleagues on the work of NCIWR.  The more groups that join the campaign, the stronger we become. Please pass along information about the coalition to friends and colleagues and ask if they would be interested in signing their name on to the coalition.

Become a member of NCIWR! It's easy. We'll contact you when your membership is approved.