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Texas Court Protects Planned Parenthood Medicaid Funding 4561 Press Release Press Release
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot Calls Abortion Clinic Closure Inconvenient, But Not A Burden 4184 In the News Bustle
Texas Abortion Ruling Is a 'Win for Latina Health,' Says the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health 439 In the News Latin Post
Texas abortion law ruling: Latinas more likely to avoid clinics and self-terminate 4260 In the News The Guardian
Texas abortion law ruling: Latinas more likely to avoid clinics and self-terminate 4303 In the News The Guardian
Texas abortion law creates obstacles for Valley women 4068 In the News USA Today
Temporary Block on the Anti-Immigrant, Unconstitutional SB 4 – NLIRH Will Continue to Fight and Resist 4663 Press Release Press Release
Teenage Pregnancies: Growing Pains 295 In the News The Economist
Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Reproductive Justice: What’s the Real Problem? 368 In the News RH Reality Check
Teen Pregnancy Declining But Repeat Pregnancy Still High 429 In the News ABC Univision
Teen pregnancies on the rise for the first time in over a decade 317 In the News Feministing.com
Teen Moms Look for Support, But Find Only Shame 364 In the News Colorlines.com
Talking to Our Kids: The Conversation We Should Be Having 4289 In the News The Huffington Post
Take Action: Obama Administration Moves to Rescind Bush-Administration HHS Regulation 214 Press Release Breaking News
Take action to protect health care reform 263 Press Release Breaking News
Susan G. Koman Reversal on Planned Parenthood Praised by National Latina Institute 397 In the News Fox News Latino
SURVEY: Strong Majority of Latinos Oppose Political Interference on Abortion Issue 381 In the News Hispanically Speaking News
Survey: Most Virginia Latinxs Support Access to Abortion 4487 In the News Latina Magazine
Survey: Most Texas Latino Voters Support Women's Right To Make Abortion Decisions 4218 In the News National Partnership for Women and Families
Survey Shows Latinos Aligning Themselves With More Liberal Views On Abortion 389 In the News Huffington Post- Latino Voices
Supreme Court Will Hear Abortion Case That Could Destroy the Right to Choose 4398 In the News Press Release
Supreme Court Supremely Wrong on ‘Hobby Lobby’ 4047 In the News RH Reality Check
Supreme Court Strikes Down President Obama's Recess Appointments, Buffer Zones for Abortion Clinics 4053 In the News Latin Post
Supreme Court Puts Stamp of Approval on Trump’s Nativist Agenda and Upholds Discriminatory Muslim Ban 4796 Press Release Press Release
Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan confirmation hearings underway, NLIRH provides daily analysis 246 Press Release Breaking News