What We Do

Young Parents

Young parents, like all parents, deserve good health, dignity, support, and respect.


As part of the reproductive justice community, we share a set of values that we believe will allow all persons to live their lives freely and in good health. We value sexual freedom, integrity of the body and personal autonomy, and we reject any system of reproductive coercion. In fact, a key aspect of reproductive justice is advocating for all persons to be able to make the reproductive decisions that they feel are best for them, and eliminating all the systems that create barriers to these decisions being made freely.

Why It Matters to Latinas

Because we share these reproductive justice values, we believe it is important to change the discourse surrounding young parenthood and the policies meant to address the issues young parents face. 
More specifically, the current discourse surrounding young parenthood is both stigmatizing and insensitive, and presents young parenthood as a problem in itself as opposed to the real problems that often surround it, such as poverty and lack of access to timely and high-quality healthcare services and educational opportunities. Latinas do not report having sex more than white women, but are at higher risk for pregnancy because they have significantly lower rates of contraceptive use. This disparity in contraceptive use is based not on simple preference, but is closely connected to social and economic inequity.

How We Fight for Justice

As a reproductive justice organization, NLIRH works to change the national discourse surrounding pregnant and parenting youth in order to eliminate stigma and shame and show that young parents, like all parents, deserve good health, dignity, support, and respect. NLIRH promotes a comprehensive policy agenda that centers the needs of young parents and their families and includes fair employment, education & opportunity, healthcare for all, and quality childcare. 


NLIRH is proud to work closely with partners across the country to lift the voices of young parents and fight back against stigma. Learn more about these campaigns by clicking the links below.

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