What We Do

Leadership Development


“We know that through the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health – when people are introduced to these types of organizations, there is always going to be a change [in the community]. There is always going to be a difference. We are always going to see that the people that you train are going to increase their capacity. And we are seeing this in the performance that is being demonstrated by the promotoras and, in this case, the [community] leaders as well.”

– Lucy Felix, Rio Grande Valley, TX Latina Advocacy Network

Increasing Latina Visibility in the Reproductive Justice Movement

By using a Reproductive Justice framework and analysis, we are able to create pro-active national advocacy and grassroots campaigns that will advance a diverse and inclusive movement that will ultimately positively change the reproductive health outcomes of Latinas. Latinas will also be self-empowered to make informed decisions and choices for themselves, their families and their communities. Reproductive Justice values the multiple identities of our diverse communities; centers the voices of all Latinas; promotes new and relevant leadership from the local, state and national levels and recognizes the need to build power and movement in local communities that will influence and change national policies. Finally, Reproductive Justice places our work in the middle of a broader social justice movement that is strengthened and cultivated in the development of coalitions and partnerships.

Our Community Mobilization Program is centered around our LOLA Training Series, our Latina Advocacy Network, and our partnerships.


Soon after Esmeralda's last child was born, her husband died in a car accident, leaving her as the sole caretaker and breadwinner for five children under age 11.

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