We honor Breonna and RBG and Defend our Hermanas in Georgia by Reclaiming our Power ¡La Lucha Sigue!

We know the past few weeks have been heavy. Our hearts feel heavy. Our spirits feel heavy. We grieve with our movement familia and say Breonna Taylor’s name. We grieve the oppression of migrant women in ICE jails and relive the centuries of oppression of our sisters’ bodies. We grieve the passing of a great luchadora, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “RBG.” 

When seeking solace in darkness, I often call on the wisdom of our ancestors. This week, we gained a movement ancestor when we lost RBG. Jewish tradition has it that those who die on Rosh Hashanah are  tzadikkim, or the most righteous individuals; it’s also telling that her passing fell near the Fall Equinox, a time when our Mayan ancestors believed the spiritual and physical worlds align. Her passing calls us to reflect on how we honor her righteous legacy and take up the baton by evolving the struggle she started - on our own terms. 

 And so today, I ask how we can honor our ancestors by continuing to forge the path they paved towards collective liberation? How can we reclaim our power despite the dark forces that seek to oppress us? How do we answer to these forces with a message of unrelenting love? How do we fight back and protect saluddignidad y justicia for all of our gente but especially for those whose voices are not being heard, for those who are not being seen or do not feel safe simply living their lives. 

 At the core of our fight, we must recommit to seeking bodily autonomy for our comunidad. We know the story of Irwin County Detention Center brought back too many painful, personal memories. And it is not lost on us that our Black sister,  Dawn Wooten,  exposed what was happening in a heroic moment of shared struggle. Too many of us have heard these stories of forced sterilizations from our abuelas, madre, and hermanas. I, like you, have stories in my own familia that speak to the years, decades, and centuries of this country systematically oppressing and controlling the bodies of women of color. 

 It’s time we say no más. It’s time we speak our truths. It’s time we reclaim our power and that of our ancestors. We must honor them by seeking reproductive justice for all.  

Our demand is simple: the right to make our decisions about our bodies, our futures, and our dreams. 

 Soon, over the next several months, we will enter the period of the coming of the light after the Winter Solstice. I ask you to join us in preparing for this time by continuing to shine your light, burn a velita to honor our collective struggle, and support those who are seeking to defend our gente and make the dreams of our ancestors a reality. Below are a few ways you can stay engaged with us and our partners en la lucha

  1. Follow us @LatinaInstitute to stay up to date on our work. 
  2. Support organizations defending the rights of our hermanas in Georgia: @ProjectSouth, @GADetWatch, @GLAHR_ 
  3. Support our Reproductive Justice allies: @SisterSong_WOC, @colorlatina, @BAJItweet, @BlackWomensRJ, @URGE_org. 

 With love and solidarity, 

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Cristina Aguilar
Interim Executive Director
The Latina Institute