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Welcome to new Executive Director Jessica González-Rojas!

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This fall, Jessica González-Rojas stepped into her new role as Executive Director of NLIRH. Below is her letter to the NLIRH community, introducing herself and her vision for change, in addition to a slideshow of photos from her fifteen year involvement in social justice. 

Jessica in front of Columbia with certificate

Dear Supporter,

It's my great pleasure to address you for the first time in my new position as the Executive Director of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health. In my fifteen years in the progressive social justice movement, including the past five years at NLIRH, I've been inspired each day by the passionate Latinas who come together consistently to speak out and work together for the health, dignidad and justice of our community.

I'm looking forward to building upon all of the incredible work that has helped create a powerful organization and movement. We've made a name for ourselves by constantly making connections between issues often seen as disparate: immigration and abortion access, contraceptive equity and race, sexual orientation and reproductive freedom. We make those connections because we know intimately that one issue can not be separated from the other for the members of our communites. 

We will continue to be a bridge builder and the voice of Latinas, their familes and their communities in the policy arena as well as the research and organizing tables. I seek to expland NLIRH's influence in three ways: 

  • By building stronger alliances across movements to harness the power of advocates focused on immigration, Latino civil rights, women's rights and other progressive, social justice movements to improve the lives of Latinas, their families and their communities.
  • By expanding the power of our policy work at the national and state level and creating new ways to reach Latinas directly in communities nationwide.
  • By scaling up our successful field mobilization models and creating a national cadre of powerful Latina leaders who are ready to provide rapid-response mobilization on pressing reproductive health issues and serve as national bilingual spokespeople.

I know that together we can change the national dialogue on Latinas and reproductive health in this country. Latina's issues are the nation's issues. Like the rest of the country, Latinas are concerned about the economy, healthcare, education, immigration policy and national security. A human rights framework to improve sexual health is critical because we need a holistic approach that truly addresses the intersecting issues faced by Latinas. We must focus on challenging gender bias so that entrenched barriers to sexual and reproductive health can be removed.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to working with you!

In solidarity,

Jessica González-Rojas, Executive Director