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Latinas Won Important Victories on Election Day

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Mississippi voters rejected the draconian "Personhood" initiative that would ban common forms of birth control, criminalize abortion even in the case of rape, incest, or life endangerment of the mother, and outlaw common IVF procedures.   Voters that hold a range of personal views about reproductive health issues including abortion agreed that this was an extreme intrusion on medical privacy.  While a handful of states are likely to face similar "Personhood" ballot measures in the next election, we are optimistic that voters will continue to reject these intrusions on reproductive health, justice, and liberty.

Arizona voters removed State Senator Pierce from office in response to his anti-immigrant campaigns that aimed to stigmatize immigrant families and dehumanize immigrant mothers. Immigrant women are under attack, and their reproductive freedoms and parenting rights have been undermined.  The recall of Senator Pierce demonstrated a desire by Arizonans for a more humane and productive dialogue about immigration.


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