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Bulwark Against an Abortion Ban? Medical Advances 4807 In the News
The Face of Immigrant Women 305 In the News The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC
No Obamacare or Safety Net While on Senate’s Path to Citizenship 432 In the News Colorlines
Lucy Felix en CNN en Español 4095 In the News CNN en Español
The Other Fight in Health Reform: Immigrants' Access to Medical Coverage 318 In the News RH Reality Check
En busca de consenso 363 In the News El Diario
Women Applaud Supreme Court Decision in ACA 4293 In the News Press Release
¿Qué viene después de la Marcha de las Mujeres? 4540 In the News Univision
Latina Teen Pregnancy Surveys Should Avoid Blame 334 In the News RH Reality Check
Hispanic group takes issue with Obama administration's Plan B decision 379 In the News The Hill
Virginia lawmakers vote to ban sanctuary cities 4746 In the News
For undocumented immigrants, it’s nearly impossible to get an abortion in South Texas 4163 In the News Fusion
Baby Baiting 350 In the News The Nation
Latina Advocacy Group Launches New Campaign, “¡Soy Poderosa!” 395 In the News PR Web
New Report Says U.S. Health Care Violates U.N. Convention on Racism 4043 In the News Colorlines
BREAKING: Federal Judge Grants Freedom to Activist Alejandra Pablos From Immigration Detention 4763 In the News
Actually, Young People Are Leading the Abortion Access Movement Forward 4201 In the News RH Reality Check
Civil Rights Community Calls On Sessions To Appoint Strong Ass’t Attorney General For Civil Rights 4582 In the News
Opinion: Hispanics in the mainstream on most issues 411 In the News NBC Latino
The Women of Texas -- Part 2 of a Series 4067 In the News Huffington Post
Human Trafficking: A Reproductive Justice Issue 300 In the News ACLU Blog of Rights
Roe v. Wade 40 years later: Latinas weigh in on abortion 427 In the News NBC Latino
New Bill Would Expand Insurance Access for Immigrant Women and Families 4087 In the News RH Reality Check
State Legislatures Put Up Flurry of Roadblocks to Abortion 4386 In the News New York Times