Nid News Typesort ascending Source
Texas Tackles Reweaving a Tangled Repro Health Safety Net Without Planned Parenthood 4397 In the News Press Release
The biggest US city without an abortion clinic: El Paso's sole facility faces closure 4288 In the News The Guardian
Immigrant seekers won't have to get HPV vaccine 329 In the News MSNBC
LGBTQ Latin@s and Reproductive Justice: Why Reproductive Health Is a Queer Issue 369 In the News Third Wave Foundation blog
Reproductive Rights Groups Aren’t Giving Up The Fight Against Texas’ Harsh New Abortion Law 4083 In the News Think Progress
Abortion clinics could dwindle down to 8 4304 In the News Fox News
Más de 100 mil mujeres de Texas se han autoinducido un aborto 4402 In the News Univision
Is Arizona Immigration Law a Feminist Issue? 345 In the News Utne Reader
Obama Administration Does the Right Thing, Finally, on Contraceptive Coverage 385 In the News RH Reality Check
Pope Allows Local Priests To Forgive Women Who Have Had Abortions 4324 In the News Press Release
10 Myths About Latinas That Just Won't Die 4186 In the News Cosmopolitan
Our Reproductive Health Under Attack: How a New Bill Would Affect Latinas 361 In the News Latina Magazine
Controversy Surrounds HHS Contraception Mandate 401 In the News ReBlog
My Day at Court 412 In the News Huffington Post - Latino Voices
Texas abortion law ruling: Latinas more likely to avoid clinics and self-terminate 4260 In the News The Guardian
Ending the Stigma and Prosecution of Self-Administered Abortions 4637 In the News Truthout
This is a test news article- 3/17/2020 4982 In the News Test News Source
Two Women's Health Groups Criticize President's Budget 306 In the News Government and Politics Watch
Jessica González-Rojas and Lynn Paltrow on Abortion Rights Activism 428 In the News Bill Moyers and Company
Unanimous Supreme Court Strikes Massachusetts Buffer Zone Law 4054 In the News RH Reality Check
Women of Color Leaders Call for a Change: End Barriers to Abortion Care 4392 In the News Press Release
Rep. Barbara Lee Fighting for Abortion Rights and Health Care 4545 In the News
Executive Director Silvia Henriquez in the NY Times on Health Care Reform 324 In the News New York Times
Teen Moms Look for Support, But Find Only Shame 364 In the News
Meet 2014's Fun Fearless Latinas of the Year 4077 In the News Press Release