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GOP Attack on Women Continues With House Vote to Deny Abortion Coverage 4556 In the News Common Dreams
Our Reproductive Health Under Attack: How a New Bill Would Affect Latinas 361 In the News Latina Magazine
Immigrant rights activist ‘targeted’ and detained by ICE during routine check-in in Arizona: ICE says that they do not target individuals for making speaking out against the agency 4764 In the News
Senators ‘Deeply Concerned’ by Plans to Detain More Immigrant Women and Children 4170 In the News Press Release
Feminists Should Have Never Called it the "Rape Audit" Bill. It's Much Worse Than That. 4093 In the News Policymic
Health, Policy Specialists Decry Lies And Misinformation Behind Texas Anti-Abortion Laws 4578 In the News
Teenage Pregnancies: Growing Pains 295 In the News The Economist
In Photos: ‘Families Belong Together’ Day Of Action 4803 In the News
New Poll: Texas Latino Voters Support Abortion Access 4210 In the News Progress Texas
Latina Organization Urging Pres. Obama to Life Barriers on Teen Contraceptives 378 In the News Hispanically Speaking
Survey Shows Latinos Aligning Themselves With More Liberal Views On Abortion 389 In the News Huffington Post- Latino Voices
Support Marginalized Mothers This Mother's Day With Forward Together's "Mamas Day" Card Campaign 4619 In the News Bustle
Executive Director Silvia Henriquez in the NY Times on Health Care Reform 324 In the News New York Times
Private Prison Campaign Cash Still Welcomed by Some Democrats in the Trump Era 4858 In the News
State Legislatures Put Up Flurry of Roadblocks to Abortion 4386 In the News New York Times
Congresswomen defend birth control for all 405 In the News People's World
Va. bill to defund Planned Parenthood advances 4532 In the News
Ms. Foundation names Executive Director Silvia Henriquez a "Woman of Vision" 340 In the News Ms. Foundation
Women Applaud Supreme Court Decision in ACA 4293 In the News Press Release
When the Law Targets Latinos: The Battles Yet to Be Fought 421 In the News The Daily Beast
7 Lies We Have to Stop Telling About Latina Women in America 4066 In the News Policymic
Latinos and Reproductive Justice 356 In the News Milwaukee - Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
After arrest of Valley organizer, immigrant community retreats to the shadows 4759 In the News
For undocumented immigrants, it’s nearly impossible to get an abortion in South Texas 4163 In the News Fusion
Immigrants Are Literally Swimming to Mexico for Reproductive Healthcare 437 In the News Jezebel