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Survey: Most Virginia Latinxs Support Access to Abortion

Thursday, November 3, 2016
Raquel Reichard
Latina Magazine
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This just in: A strong majority of Latinxs in Virginia support access to abortion, believing it should be legal, affordable and covered by health insurance.

A new poll released Thursday by the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) shows that 68 percent of Latinxs in the state are opposed to overturning Roe v. Wade. Even more, 67 percent believe that Virginia’s increased restrictions on the procedure, like requiring patients to undergo ultrasounds at least 24 hours before the service and limiting later-term abortions to cases where the parent’s life is at risk, is a step in the wrong direction.

“It’s time to finally put to rest myths and stereotypes that our community is too conservative to support abortion access,” Jessica González-Rojas, executive director of NLIRH, said in a statement. “This study goes a long way in affirming that Latino/a voters’ views on abortion are much more nuanced and strongly demonstrate support and compassion for people seeking abortion care.”

Most Virginia Latinxs also expressed support for health insurance that covers abortions. Nearly eight in 10 (79 percent) of voters said politicians should not be allowed to deny someone’s health coverage for the procedure just because they’re poor, with 75 percent adding that coverage should include the full range of pregnancy-related care, including abortion, regardless if the insurance is private or government-funded.

Latinx support for abortion care and coverage isn’t exclusive to Virginia. NLIRH, the only national reproductive justice organization dedicated to Latinas, released another poll on Thursday showing that 82 percent of Latinx voters in Florida champion abortion access as well.

“NLIRH and PerryUndem have now studied Latino/a voters’ opinions on abortion nationally, and in Florida and Virginia,” said Tresa Undem, partner with PerryUndem Research/Communication, the nonpartisan research firm that conducted the survey. “The results are the same across the board: majorities of Latino/a voters support a woman’s right to an abortion – at the same levels of the rest of the electorate.”

The survey, which was conducted in Spanish and English, polled more than 500 Latinx registered voters in Virginia.