Latina Day of Action for Reproductive Justice 2017

Latina Day of Action for Reproductive Justice 2017


We are Latinx and this is our story.

8th Annual Latina Day of Action for Reproductive Justice
October 14, 2017​


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We are Latinx and this is our story. We are queer, we are undocumented, we are mothers, we are parents, we are trans, we are young people, we are workers, we are leaders, we are powerful. Although our community has experienced systematic attacks on our human and reproductive rights, we rise up and overcome. We have inherited a grand legacy of resistance from our ancestors who have fought for equality all over las Americas and continue to fight for justice here in the United States (US).

We have come together to win multiple victories across the nation advancing the dignity and rights of all members of our community no matter their immigration status, gender identity, ability status, and/or incarceration status. We represent close to 20 percent of the total US population and are a part of the over 27 million eligible Latino/a voters in the US. Although many of us do not have access to the right to vote, we still exercise our political power by sharing our stories with our community who then vote for our values. We have taken positions of power and influence throughout the US, from Supreme Court Justice and State and Local Legislative leaders to Executive Directors of organizations advancing social justice and Educators on the ground. We uphold our stories and experiences at the center of our struggle and as the source of our collective power. We will not be silenced. We will not be divided. We will harness this collective power to call out anti-Blackness and work in Black and Brown solidarity toward our collective liberation.

Today, we demand reproductive justice.

  • We demand the right to be a parent, the right to not parent, and the right to parent the children we have with dignity and respect in safe neighborhoods with quality schools and housing.  We demand workplaces that ensure we can support ourselves and our families.

  • We call for the demilitarization of our communities against state sanctioned violence. We demand comprehensive and dignified immigration reform. We demand policies that respect our families rather than separate us.

  • We demand full political, social, and economic rights and power for all peoples regardless of gender or sexual identity, orientation, and/or expression.

  • We stand in full solidarity and struggle with Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives. We acknowledge the long standing anti-Blackness that has permeated the United States and the world as a violent product of over 500 years of colonization. We demand full accountability for the Black lives that are constantly under the threat of systematic violence. Now more than ever, we must stand with and for the liberation of our Black and Afro-Latinx hermanxs

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About the Day of Action
The Latina Day of Action for Reproductive Justice is an initiative that elevates Latina leadership, power, and activism to transform the cultural narrative via a collective call to action on critical reproductive justice issues facing our community.

Twenty-three years ago, a group of visionary Black women developed the Reproductive Justice (RJ) framework, founding a transformational and culturally grounded movement for human rights and social change. Latinas across the country joined with our Black, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and Indigenous herman@s embracing this new reproductive justice framework. In the process, we reframed our organizing and advocacy while building the movement for dignity, justice, and self-determination for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

During the 23 years since reproductive justice was founded, women of color-led organizations like California Latinas for Reproductive Justice (CLRJ), Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR), and the National Latina Institute Reproductive Health (NLIRH) formed to lead the struggle for reproductive justice for Latinas.

For the past eight years, these Latina-focused organizations have collaborated on a Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice. This year, we are focusing on reproductive justice, electoral power and telling our stories.