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A Wave of Abortion Bans Introduced in State Legislatures

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Bills to ban abortions have been introduced in state Congress’ in Georgia, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Virginia.

The Georgia General Assembly recently re-introduced HB1 which would instate a total ban on abortions without any exception for rape, incest or if the life of the woman is in danger. Instead, the bill stipulates that life begins at conception and that abortion is immoral. The bill cites scientificly unfounded information to support such claims as legalized abortion causes increased incidences of child abuse and weakens family ties, and that after having an abortion, women are more likely to abuse tobacco and alcohol as well as commit suicide.

A short time ago we saw this same type of rhetoric appear in the Missouri legislature (legalized abortion is the causes illegal migration). Again, as ridiculous as such claims have been, they are an attack on our reproductive freedom.

Why is this important to Latinas?

It is becoming evident that the South Dakota ban that was voted on in the 2006 state ballot has triggered other states to start similar initiatives that either ban abortion or place severe restrictions on our right to choose. We must stop these initiatives in their tracks first, by supporting our sisters where these initiatives have reared their heads. But, secondly, remaining vigilant on where and what form these restrictions on our reproductive rights take shape. NLIRH will continue to monitor such initiatives in the future.