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Update on Health Care Reform, June 2009

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Congress has recently launched a formal debate for reforming the ailing U.S. health care system. A Senate committee is currently considering a comprehensive bill backed by Democrats and the Obama administration. In the House, hearings on the Tri Committee Proposal, a single health care reform bill, are scheduled for this week. Both chambers are striving to vote on bills before the August recess in order that the conference committee can negotiate a compromise and send it to President Obama by October.

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) supports health care reform that will move our current system toward one that will improve the health, and well-being of all Latinas, their families and communities. NLIRH embraces a human rights approach to health care, ensuring that all health services are accessible, available, affordable, and of good quality for everyone.

In particular, the Latina Institute supports a health care system that addresses the needs of all Latinas, including undocumented and low-income women, recognizing the following key concerns:

The current health care system leaves many Latinas falling through the cracks; 38% of Latinas are uninsured, the highest rate amongst all groups of women.

It is important that such a system includes a full and comprehensive range of services, including coverage for family planning, abortions, prenatal care and preventive services.

Moreover, NLIRH supports a system that is not only inclusive of all people and offers a comprehensive range of services, but is also one that emphasizes culturally competent and linguistically appropriate services.

For more information, please read our Statement on Health Care for All.