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Take action to protect health care reform

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The new leadership in Congress has set out a very dangerous agenda and the health, dignity and rights of women and immigrants are particularly threatened.

First in the order of priorities for the new Congress is to repeal the landmark health care reform legislation passed in March of last year.

While the law is not perfect, the fact remains that it stands to vastly increase health insurance coverage in the country. From the expansion of Medicaid services for low-income persons to the increase in funding to Community Health Centers, Latinas stand to benefit greatly from the health care law.

We cannot afford to lose the progress we were able to make with the Affordable Care Act.

Please contact your Representative NOW! The vote is scheduled for as early as tomorrow in the House of Representatives.

Contact the House switchboard directly at (202) 224-3121.

Tell your Representative to vote AGAINST any measures to repeal the Affordable Care Act.