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Take Action: Obama Administration Moves to Rescind Bush-Administration HHS Regulation

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Just before its end, the Bush Administration put in place a set of regulations that would allow any employee of a health care provider to refuse to treat any individual receiving any services that would violate the employee’s moral beliefs, dramatically and unnecessarily expanding conscientious refusal protections and undermining the importance of reproductive health.

Now is the time to make your voice heard. Let Charles E. Johnson, Acting Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services know that we will not stand for scientifically inaccurate policies meant to undermine reproductive justice!

This regulation could severely limit access to contraception, as many of the clinics that low-income Latinas frequent often receive federal funding, which may be compromised under these new definitions.

The inability to fire or refuse to hire providers that would refuse to give women vital reproductive health services, no matter how central an aspect this is to the job, could place exceptionally unqualified persons in women’s healthcare, and would add an element of stigma and shame to what should be standard women’s health services.

Please submit comments by email to PROPOSEDRESCISSION@HHS.GOV.