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President Obama Hosts Health Care Reform Summit

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On Monday, February 21st, President Obama unveiled the proposed health care reform plan that was discussed by Congress during the bi-partisan health care summit that took place on February 25th. The President hosted the six hour televised summit on health care reform where he brought together Republican and Democratic leaders to hammer out key provisions in the President’s proposal and offer new ideas and solutions.

While the summit demonstrated the President’s commitment to seeing health care reform passed, the Republicans continued to urge Congress and the Administration to ‘start all over’. While there was very little dialogue on the issues that NLIRH has been advocating, such as abortion access, coverage for citizens of Puerto Rican and inclusion of immigrant families, there was some discussion on how health reform could benefit women.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter offered an impassioned speech about the need to get rid of pre-existing conditions and other discriminatory practices that disproportionately impact women. The Republican also ticked off a list elements of the legislation that they didn’t agree with and falsely noted that the health care bill will provide federal funding for abortion. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi corrected this falsehood in her closing statement.

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health urges members of Congress to finish the job of health care reform, just not on the backs of immigrants and women!

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