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New Head of Family Planning Services Anti-Choice

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Last week President Bush named Eric Keroack as the new chief of the Department of Health and Human Service's Office of Population Affairs (OPA), or rather, the office for family planning services.

The office provides funds for birth control, pregnancy tests, breast-cancer screening and other health services for millions low-income people annually. So Keroack, who has a record of opposing birth control and abortion, is not the best candidate for a position that will affect many Latinas in the U.S.

Lawmakers Making Waves

Several lawmakers asked the Bush administration yesterday to replace Keroack precisely because he worked for a health clinic that opposes the use of birth control.

Why should we be concerned?

Keroack will further limit the access that all women, but particularly Latinas have to vital reproductive health care. Keroack could potentially slash funding for family planning services and re-distribute those funds to abstinence-only programs. Contact your legislators and let them know that they must continue to object to the appointment of Keroack as chief of OPA.