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National Latina Institute Applauds Passage of Bill Requiring Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Disclose Service Gaps in New York City

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New York - This afternoon the New York City Council approved a measure that will require crisis pregnancy centers – anti-choice establishments seldom staffed by medical personnel – to disclose on all signage and advertising what services they do and do not provide. Under the guise of medically-licensed clinics, crisis pregnancy centers routinely provide misinformation regarding women’s options when pregnant, and do not provide contraception, abortion, or referrals to either of these services. Crisis pregnancy centers have made it no secret that they are targeting communities of color, setting up shop in Latino, immigrant, and low-income neighborhoods. Immigrant women are particularly vulnerable, as they may be less knowledgeable about the network of low-cost services available to them and may not know that abortion in the United States can be procured legally and safely.  

Crisis pregnancy centers use deception and misinformation to bring women in the door, and the passage of this legislation will ensure that women know what awaits them through the doors of these establishments. The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) contributed testimony supporting this bill and educated several City Council Members on the importance of its passage.  NLIRH is proud to have supported this piece of legislation from start to finish, and hopes it serves as a model for municipalities and states across the country.