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Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice is here!

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We're thrilled to announce that today begins our 2nd Annual Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice! 

This year, under the theme Caminamos: Justice for Immigrant Women we are advocating for immigrant women's rights and recentering gender in the immigration dialogue.

Immigrant women are facing increasing attacks on their reproductive health and livelihood in the US while the real problems facing our communities are not addressed. 

All the ways to get involved in the Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice are below. Please join us!

How can you get involved in the Week of Action?

  • Take action to push the Obama Administration on its treatment of immigrant women;

  • Change your profile picture on twitter and facebook to include the Week of Action logo and show your support;

  • Do you represent an organization? Show your support for the Week of Action by signing on as a partner;

  • Participate in the blog carnival on the real problem behind the scapegoating of immigrant women;

  • Take part in the online art and jewelry auction to support the work of NLIRH in advocating for immigrant women's rights;

  • Join us at events around the country, including a virtual cafecito.