Karina Garcia

Karina Garcia

Associate Director of Education


Karina Garcia serves as the Associate Director of Education for the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health in the New York office. Karina is responsible for developing and implementing best practices for adult learning to create curricular resources that build leadership and organizing capacity of local activists, particularly within our Latina Advocacy Networks (LANs), and forward the mission of NLIRH in building Latina Power.

Karina has been an activist focused on empowering working class latino communities and youth for over eight years. Catalyzed by the 2004 March for Women’s Lives, in college she became a leader of chicano student organizations in the East Coast as well as United Students Against Sweatshops and Youth and Student ANSWER. She was an activist at Columbia University where she led campaigns for Financial Aid and worker’s rights, and founded the organization Lucha.

Karina led a campaign to expose and confront the anti-immigrant Minutemen Project, which garnered national attention and led to a Speaking Tour in which she traveled to dozens of campuses and high schools across the country. Karina has been featured on Democracy Now, New York Magazine, and El Diario/La Prensa.

After graduating from college, Karina became a high school math teacher in a predominantly Latino public school in New York City. For the last four years, she organized her students and coworkers to protest against budget cuts, SB 1070 and other anti-immigrant laws. She created and advised a student activist group called Youth Against War and Racism, comprised of young latinas.

In her organizing work, Karina promotes the idea that rather than just being the victims, our communities have a tremendous power once organized and mobilized for all of society to see — a perspective that she is excited to expand at NLIRH.

Karina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Spanish Literature and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Pace University.