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Immigration Reform in 2007

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Immigration as a Matter of Reproductive Justice

Because NLIRH recognizes that the reproductive health of immigrant women is profoundly affected by immigration policy, we understand that it is imperative to monitor legislation that may affect the legal status and eligibility for benefits for immigrant women and their families.

Recently several bills have been introduced in the U.S. Congress that could have both a positive and/or negative affect on the reproductive health of Latinas if passed.

NLIRH gives a Yea to:

* S9: Calls for comprehensive reform

* HR210: States that proof of citizenship for Medicaid eligibility will be waived.

* HR213: Gives discretion to judges in removal procedures not to deport parents of citizen children.

Why a Yea? NLIRH gives a yea to these bills because they address specific needs of immigrant women. Specifically, undocumented immigrant women could receive care for their newborns under Medicaid. In addition, undocumented parents would not have to fear being separated from their children under procedures for deportation.

NLIRH gives a Nay to:

* HR 98: Provides restrictions on employment for undocumented persons by “improving” Social Security cards and creating an employment database.

* HR133: Denies citizenship to children born to undocumented parents.

* HR 305: Gives Homeland Security discretion to deny ill persons trying to cross the border into the U.S. permission to enter.

Why a Nay? NLIRH gives a nay to these bills because they penalize immigrant women for being undocumented without providing a vehicle for them to legalize their status. Likewise, it penalizes U.S. citizen children for having parents who are undocumented.

NLIRH will continue to monitor the progress of these bills and advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that will address all of the needs of our immigrant sisters.