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Full Funding for Office of Women's Health

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Commissioner von Eschenbach has assured Congress that the Office of Women’s Health (OWH) will be allocated $4 million in 2007. The Commissioner has made this assurance after a scare that the OWH would have its budget cut to 2.8 million only a few short weeks ago.

NLIRH applauds the efforts made to secure funding for the OWH because of the important role it has in informing the public on women’s reproductive health:

The Office of Women’s Health Office within the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides

* Research on male-female biological differences to ensure that women receive the most appropriate drug doses and treatments.

* Reproductive health information on topics such as pregnancy and birth control, as well as other health issues via fact sheets, articles and FAQs, much of which is heavily requested by researchers, advocates and the public at large.