Elizabeth Estrada

Elizabeth Estrada

New York Field and Advocacy Manager


Elizabeth Estrada serves as the New York Field and Advocacy Manager at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health. Previously, she served as the Civic Engagement Manager, a National Field Coordinator and Florida Field Organizer at NLIRH, where she organized to raise the voices of Latinas in Florida for policy change at all levels of government on issues that impact their lives, women’s health care and other social justice issues. 

Elizabeth engages in movement-building for reproductive justice, develops community leadership, builds relationships with key stakeholders, partners, and elected officials, and assists in campaign development and implementation. Elizabeth came to the U.S. at the young age of 4, where she first arrived in Houston, Texas from Mexico with her parents.  Elizabeth and her parents then moved to Atlanta GA, where they have resided for 20 years and currently lives in South Florida. Elizabeth previously served as Program Assistant for the Lifting Latina Voices Initiative (LLVI) at the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta, Georgia. In this capacity, she worked alongside a team of staff and volunteers to provide sexual and reproductive health education to the Latina community.  Elizabeth has had the honor of educating over 200 women on many topics relating to sexual and reproductive health at her time at LLVI.