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Debt Deal at High Cost for Latinas - Fight Not Over

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On August 2, the President signed into law a debt ceiling bill that came at a high cost to Latinas who rely on programs such as Head Start, nutrition, housing, unemployment assistance, and public health insurance. Now facing $900 billion in cuts over the next ten years along with $1.5 trillion in additional cuts, it is hard to imagine that it could have been worse. But the outpouring of calls and letters to Congress during the debate did make a difference.

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) is thankful for our activists and their unflinching courage to gather thousands of letters door-to-door amid a challenging border environment. We also thank the lawmakers who listened to the people's demands by doing their best to shield programs that serve the most vulnerable in our nation.

At NLIRH, as an organization committed to social justice and health as a human right, we have an obligation to highlight the importance of safety net programs for Latinas and their families. We carry that obligation forward in this fight and urge Latinas impacted by future cuts to let policymakers know that unfair, unbalanced deals that hang out to dry the poor and struggling, will not be tolerated. Together, we can be a strong voice for millions of Latinas and their families.